About GoTell

GoTell Mission Statement:

“GoTell Communications” equips people to discover and tell biblical stories by heart as a spiritual discipline for embodying Jesus’ way of peace in the world.

GoTell Communications is for everyone who is seeking the way to peace in the world and to health for the planet. We provide resources and consultation for those who wish to learn by heart the stories of God as they have been passed down to us from ancient Israel and early Christianity. Our hope in teaching the stories of Jesus is to convert the hearts of humans from violence to Jesus’ way.

From Ancient to Present Experience

Our method is to enter into an experience of the hearing and telling of the stories of the Bible in the context of the world of the ancient, oral culture audiences for which they were composed. Then, having begun to hear these stories as they were first understood, we can look through the lens of that experience at the 21st century to observe what the story reveals about the world of our time and how we should relate to it.

From Future to Present Experience

Acting on the assumption that the stories of the biblical tradition clearly reveal primary dimensions of the future, we will reflect on those potentialities and think back from the future into the present. We believe that the teachings of the storytellers and prophets of Israel and the early church were conceived in this manner. They shared a vision of a future government of God that will establish peace and justice in the global community.

GoTell Mission

A “peaceable future” perspective is needed because many present day policies are shaped by military, political and religious models that suffer from myopic, distorted vision. The problem is that our collective imagination is swamped with images of the past as “Conan the Barbarian” and the future as “Star Wars.” GoTell is created to help people clarify their vision and practice the possibility of a peaceable future.

Our Beliefs

We share the belief of the early church that Jesus was anointed by God to save the world from the powers of evil, of sin and death. As the story of Noah tells, chief among those powers is the power of violence. The Gospels tell the story of Jesus’ life as one who redefined the battle against the powers of evil as a battle against violent response to enemies, against physical and emotional sickness, against the boundaries of law and custom that separate human beings from each other, and against the fear of death. We believe that the message Jesus taught his disciples was to practice the peaceable future and to go and tell others to do the same.

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