Mount Zion Baptist Church

Indianapolis, Indiana


The Biblical Storytelling Team is part of the Christian Education Ministry of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Membership in the team ranges from children to seniors, with 15-20 tellers participating in annual epic tellings.

Music, monologues, and minimalist scenery are integrated into the epic tellings which include non-team members when appropriate to the setting. These are the epics told by the Mount Zion Baptist Biblical Storytelling Team thus far:

  • 2006 Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, John 18-21
  • 2007 Infancy and Childhood Narratives of Jesus
  • 2008 The Story of Ruth
  • 2009 Passion Narrative of Jesus Christ, John 11-16 (excerpts) and John 17-19

The team holds a yearly Biblical Storytelling Reunion at which members tell biblical and other stories. The scriptures have also been told a few times in Sunday morning worship.

Contact: Joyce Johnson

Mount Zion Baptist Church
The Rev. Dr. Philip K. James, Pastor
3500 Graceland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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