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storyjourneyStory Journey

Story Journey: An Invitation to the Gospel as Storytelling is “the Bible” of biblical storytelling. It offers a series of biblical stories to be learned and explored in a variety of ways. Each story is printed in episodes to facilitate internalization with tips given for learning by heart and telling from memory.

Exegetical comments are offered to help understand the story as it would have been heard by original audiences. Each chapter of Story Journey includes suggestions about ways to connect the story with contemporary experience and to pray with the story.

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mop-coverMessiah of Peace

The telling of Mark’s story of Jesus as the Messiah of peace in the decades following the Roman-Judean war announced a third way forward for Diaspora Judeans other than warfare against or separation from “the nations.” Mark’s Gospel was the story of the victory of a nonviolent Messiah who taught and practiced the ways of a new age of peace and reconciliation in contrast to the ancient and modern myth of redemptive violence.

The Messiah of Peace is a performance-criticism commentary exploring a new paradigm of biblical scholarship that takes seriously the original experience of the Gospel of Mark as a lively story told to audiences rather than as a text read by readers. It was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers in 2015.

The commentary is correlated with the Messiah of Peace website, which features video recordings of the story in both English and Greek. Critical investigation of the sounds of the Markan passion-resurrection narrative reveals the identity of its original audiences as predominantly Judean with a minority of Gentile nonbelievers. Hearing the passion-resurrection story was an experience of involvement in the forces that led to the rejection and death of Jesus. It was an experience that brought on the challenges inherent in becoming a disciple of the Messiah of peace.

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storykeepers“The Storykeepers”

Over the course of 13 half-hour episodes, The Storykeepers animated series tells the story of a Christian family in 1st century Rome and the early days of the Church. Each movie includes the telling of biblical stories from the Gospels.

The Storykeepers episodes are full of exciting adventure, gentle humor, and searching questions. They also portray the same kind of daily activities and challenges that are common to families of every time. The Storykeepers is a wonderful resource for teaching the stories of Jesus and the early church in a way that is both faithful to the biblical tradition and engaging for children.

An accompanying 125-page Teacher Guide includes 14 sessions for teaching one biblical story from each episode. The Guide is co-authored by Tom and Amelia Boomershine of GoTell.

The Storykeepers Complete Kit is now available from GoTell. The kit includes all 13 episodes in English and Spanish on 4 DVDs, plus the Teacher Guide, also in both English and Spanish. The Teacher Guide helps both adults and children learn the biblical stories told as part of The Storykeepers adventure. The cost is $99.00 plus shipping/handling. To inquire or purchase email Amelia

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