The purpose here is to provide basic instructions for using the site. If you have a question other than what is covered here, please do email us at and we will do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible.

Organization of the Site


The site is organized with 4 major categories plus the home page.

  1. The “Way of Peace” section is where we provide resources and connections between biblical storytelling and Jesus’ way of peace.
  2. “Stories” is where you will find the bulk of our content on the site. Here we have each of the Gospel stories for the three year lectionary cycle. You can find a particular story by way of the story title, the text reference or by where it falls in the lectionary cycle.
  3. In the “Learn” section you will find resources for learning to tell biblical stories by heart including writings, workshops, and videos.
  4. “Connections” is where we link to other tellers/organizations doing biblical storytelling and international connections that GoTell has made of the years.

Share Buttons

We have placed share buttons for popular social networking sites on each story and news page. Please, by all means, share our content with your friends and your communities. This is all for the furtherance of the Gospel!

Use of GoTell Content/Copyright

If you wish to use GoTell’s content including articles, images, audio and video recordings, etc., we ask that you do so responsibly and that you give credit for the work to GoTell. We also ask that you send us a quick email at to let us know you used the content. It helps us see how the work is being used so we know where to direct our energies in producing new content for the site. GoTell retains all copyrights to the work and resources presented here.

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