Workshop Outlines

Widow’s Offering Workshop

Storykeepers Program for K-2

Advent Journey
Published in Story Journey Sound Recording: An Invitation to the Gospels as Storytelling. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1989

Video Workshops

Feeding of 5000: Beginners Storytelling Workshop

1 hour and 22 minutes

Tom Boomershine presents a beginners storytelling workshop on the Feeding of 5000 at the 2007 NBS Festival Gathering.

Joshua and Jesus: Peace in Biblical Perspective

49 minutes 57 seconds

Tom Boomershine presents some reflections of the connection between peace and the stories of God through Joshua and Jesus at the 2007 NBS Festival Gathering.

Memory and Story

51 minutes 9 seconds

Tom Boomershine presents a workshop on the connections between memory and storytelling with helpful information on the basics of how our memory actually works to retain information, including stories.

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