News: October 2017

The Gospel of Mark According to Tom

Last month Tom told significant portions of the first half of Mark at St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Tom preceded sections of the Gospel with his own commentary so that his modern audience would have a better chance of understanding the original meaning of Mark’s stories about Jesus’ ministry. For example…

Date: 70-85 A.D.: the immediate aftermath of the Jewish-Roman war. The city of Jerusalem and our Temple destroyed. More than 1.2 million Judeans killed or enslaved. The war, the greatest tragedy in the history of our people, Israel, initiated by Israelite zealots with the support of our religious leaders: the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders. It was a disaster then, and that way is a disaster now. Is there any way for us as a human community other than warfare, and the constant magnification of hostility between enemies?

So… This is “the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One!”

 View the start of Tom’s telling (Mark 1:1-15)

Thank you Jim Shiflett for arranging this event and for your kind words:
“Tom, you fulfilled all of my expectations and more.”

“Required Reading for Biblical Storytellers”

Jim also bought my book. His evaluation after reading it?

“Your book was excellent in your research and clarity. It brought to mind things that I had forgotten and laid aside. I feel that it should be required reading for all biblical storytellers.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Not just for prison ministry!
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Calling Out Demons

Speaking of prisoners…

On the first day of October, Grace by Heart teller Larry Ramey (who is also a GoTell Board member) told the story from Matthew of Jesus calling demons out of two men in enemy territory. It was a creative and powerful telling, downright scary. Made it clear that Jesus was no wimp dealing with such fierce demoniacs confronting him from out of the tombs.

The telling was followed by Pastor Sherry Gale’s sermon on calling out the demons of mass incarceration and racism from our society today. It was equally compelling. Wish I’d captured her sermon on video, too!

This video is a telling of Matthew 8:28-34, the story of Jesus calling fierce demons out of two men in Gentile (enemy) territory. Larry Ramey is the biblical storyteller, a member of “Grace by Heart” in Grace United Methodist Church, Dayton, Ohio. Oct. 1, 2017

Tell the story this month,

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