Scripture by Heart in Cameroon

Partipants in Festival July 2016, Ndop, Cameroon

2016 Festival in Ndop

A biblical storytelling festival was held in Ndop, Cameroon on July 20-21, 2016. Theme stories were: The Story of Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 9); and Jesus in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30). The keynote speaker was Rev. Mbuh Julius, Head Chaplain of Mbingo Baptist Hospital.

The goal of this event was stated by Pastor George Vimensi Minang: “We want to explore ways of reaching our communities through biblical storytelling and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.” He reported wonderful results: “Forty participants attended. The majority of them being men and women who came into contact with Biblical storytelling for their very first time. The touching story of Mephibosheth was learned, told and dramatized.”

Cameroon Trip Blog

In February-March 2013 GoTell traveled to Cameroon with an international team from the Network of Biblical Storytellers. We led Biblical Storytelling Institutes in two locations. Click here to follow the GoTell Cameroon blog which began with this trip…

Post-Mission Update

The Cameroon mission work is already multiplying. The following list of post-mission events planned by Institute participants was sent to Juliana Rowe by George Vimensi Minang, the Network of Biblical Storytellers Cameroon (NBSC) Coordinator:

Susan Smith one of the NBS Institute delegates from Central Africa Republic (CAR) has already translated all her notes from the Mutengene workshops into French and she has sent them to me, George Minang for input and editing. She is in Yaoundé because of the unrest in CAR. She is also translating the notes into Sango, the local language of the people in CAR.

Pastor Shey George attended our Ndop institute all the way from Magba in the Far North. He held his first biblical storytelling workshop today March 29, 2013 in Magba with 52 people in attendance…

Pastor Atong Divine and Eric Atemkoh, two participants from the Ndop institute will be doing a workshop in Babanki on Saturday April 6.

Gile (our driver) told a story in French on Palm Sunday in the United Methodist Church he attends in Yaoundé and the Superintendent’s wife was so happy that she video-taped it.

Pastor Divine will be running a workshop in a church in Babessi village on Saturday April 27. The Pastor of the church attended the Ndop institute.

George Vimensi Minang from May 20 – 21 I will be far away in the East of Cameroon to see Barry Abbott’s work among the Baka Pigmies. That is about two days travel from Ndop.

The Summons

Mission Team Leader Juliana Rowe found inspiration in the words of the hymn, “The Summons” as she prepared for our 2013 mission to Cameroon:

Lord your summons echoes true when you but call my name.
Let me turn and follow you and never be the same.

Her poetry captures the goal of our Team:

As I set out, my aim is to help:
The student become tutor
The shy find inner strength
The timid a strong voice
The unschooled a way to learn;
And together form bands of
Oral tellers and teachers of the Gospel
On the mountains and plains of Cameroon!

Campfire Event, April 2012

Larissa telling the parable of the sower.

Larissa telling the parable of the sower.



Workshop in Atuakom, May 2012


George Minang reports: “The workshop in Atuakom [May 2012] went on well. Sixteen Christians including their pastor sat through the training and were really excited. They already took the decision to create their scripture by heart group and are getting ready for the February 2013 conference.” GoTell will provide leadership for this conference.


Update from George

Report on the outcome of the workshop that took place last Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

All went well with the workshop. Twenty Eight people actively participated. Four of us went there from Ndop and one missionary from the Covenant World Missions joined us from Bamenda. She was more of a participant than a facilitator because that was her first time of attending a biblical storytelling workshop face to face. All her previous work had been online. I took some time to couch her in her telling. The ministry is advancing in Cameroon and we will continue to help everyone to tell God’s stories.

Sincerely, George Vimensi Minang, December 9, 2011

Good News of God’s Mighty Acts

Yesterday I shared the story of Paul and Silas with the jailer from Acts 16:16 – 34 and seven people received Jesus Christ as Savior. When I called for an afternoon service for us to pray through the story, the response was massive. It is amazing to see how telling the stories move people.

God has opened another door for me to introduce other pastors to biblical storytelling. On April 9, just after the children camp, I have been invited to talk to pastors in my village of origin (Babanki Tungo) on the topic “Contextualizing the Gospel in Babanki.” This is a golden opportunity for me to introduce them to biblical storytelling as the best means of contextualizing the gospel.

George Vimensi Minang, April 4, 2011

From the Plains of Ndop

I have just introduced another pastor to biblical storytelling this morning. He has a congregation of over 60 people and only about 10 are literate. I have also given him a copy of “Telling God’s Stories With Power” as a gift to help him minister in his area. He has promised to be in my next workshop. On April 8th, I will be telling biblical stories to over 500 children in a children camp. Pray for its success.

George Vimensi Minang, March 30, 2011


George Vimensi Minang with Tim Coombs in The Gambia 2011

George Vimensi Minang with Tim Coombs in The Gambia 2011

George (pictured with Tim Coombs, a member of the NBS teaching team in The Gambia) learned about biblical storytelling and discovered the website for the Network of Biblical Storytellers during his education at Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary in Ndu, a city located in the northwest region of Cameroon.

In June 2007 George contacted Dr. Tracy Radosevicwho recommended Story Journey. In 2008 he began what ended up being a 2-year effort to secure the book that succeeded thanks to the assistance of his teacher, Mr. Lance Rundus. Mr. Rundus purchased the book during a stay in the U.S. and gave it to George upon returning to Cameroon. George then used Story Journey to lead a workshop there.

Hear George tell the story in his own words…


George Vimensi Minang with Juliana Rowe in The Gambia 2011

George Vimensi Minang with Juliana Rowe in The Gambia 2011

George Brings Greetings from Cameroon

We were privileged to spend a week getting to know George and learning about the work of God in Cameroon. After telling us a pertinent story, George presented this woven greeting to Mrs. Juliana Rowe, Institute Chair and Director of International Relations for NBS.

Since returning home, George has diligently followed up on his learning at the Institute to bring the gospel to Cameroon through biblical storytelling. We will post news from George on this page. Please pray for peace in his land and for the spread of scripture by heart among his people.

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